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Transportation & Transit

The Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors supported the consultation and recruitment of members of the Sector Advisory Group. The group includes transportation and transit professionals who have a history of championing and employing tradespeople. They represent small-, medium- and large-sized organizations from across key transportation and transit sectors including road transportation and public transit. 

Within the road transportation sub-sector, there are approximately 26,000 registered trucking companies, currently representing 0.93 per cent of BC’s GDP. The transit sub-sector is dominated by the South Coast BC Transportation Authority (TransLink) and BC Transit, both of which operate transportation networks dedicated primarily to the movement of people within the province. TransLink and its operating companies employ 6,738 employees, and BC Transit services 130 communities across BC, with the exception of those areas serviced by TransLink in Metro Vancouver.

The members of the Transportation & Transit Sector Advisory Group include: 

  1. Jake Nesbitt, Fleet Operations Manager, City of Chilliwack
  2. Wim Beuk, Director Fleet Maintenance, Coast Mountain Bus Company
  3. Ross Russell, Fleet Supervisor, Waste Management
  4. Scott Coonfer, Apprenticeship Manager, Finning
  5. Chris Swanston, Fleet Maintenance Manager, Coastal Pacific Xpress (CPX) 
  6. Joe Elworthy, President, Unifor 2200
  7. Jeff Cusker, Property Rep Fleet Overhaul Facility CMBC Apprentice Committee, Unifor 2200
  8. Brian Haugen, Board Member, Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors
  9. Dale Peters, Rebuild Shop Manager, Cummins Western Canada
  10. Aaron Lamb, Executive Director Asset Management, BC Transit
  11. Richard Sykes, Vice President Maintenance, BC Rapid Transit Company
  12. Al Cullen, President, Cullen Diesel Power Ltd.
  13. Brad Gerow, Argo Road Maintenance
  14. Bob Moore, Service Manager, IRL International Truck Centres ltd. & IRL Idealease Ltd.
  15. Brian Lefebvre, IUOE115