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LNG Action Plan

We have launched a new Action Plan for LNG Trades Training to prepare a qualified workforce for BC’s developing LNG sector. Read the news release.

The plan ensures British Columbians, including First Nations communities, are first in line for jobs. The plan has been reviewed and validated by key industry stakeholders. In the first stages of the plan, ITA has set out eight actions which the organization will deliver on:
  • Establish an LNG/natural gas Sector Advisory Group that will provide direct input to government and ITA on matters relating to workforce development for the sector.
  • Finish developing the ITA occupational standards for the Construction Craft Worker trade program. Learn more about the Construction Craftworker trade.
  • Develop a specialized Construction Craft Worker Foundation Program targeted at First Nations individuals. 
  • Increase youth participation with a focus on high-demand LNG-related trades.
  • Complete the hiring of 15 Apprenticeship Advisors across BC, five of whom will be focused on supporting and recruiting the Aboriginal community. Learn more about Advisors.
  • Develop a communications strategy focused on trades-related employment and training opportunities in the LNG sector.
  • Establish provincial/interprovincial occupational standards for a range of service jobs in the upstream sector 
  • Conduct further research into an alternative sponsorship/group training model for smaller employers that provides enhanced supports and allows apprentices to complete their apprenticeships with a number of employers.
ITA will continue receiving input from industry on the confirmed actions, and will further explore input from stakeholders on the proposed actions while reviewing availability of resources.
The latest data shows a five LNG plan scenario would see a requirement of over 8,000 tradeworkers by 2018 with high-demand scenarios for:
  • Construction Labourers
  • Steamfitters & Pipefitters
  • Sprinkler System Installers
  • Gas Fitters, Industrial Electricians
  • Millwrights
  • Machinists
  • Welders. 
Construction Craftworker is projected to be the largest single area of occupation demand for the construction phase of LNG development. Recent LNG industry data, based on five plants operating by 2021, anticipates:
  • 39,000 annual jobs over a nine-year construction period
  • 75,000 jobs once the plants were fully operational
  • more than 100,000 jobs in total

The members of the LNG Sector Advisory Group include: