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Tourism and Hospitality

We have announced that our Board of Directors has endorsed the Tourism & Hospitality Sector Advisory Group which is tasked with the essential role of advising government and ITA on industry-specific issues key to skills training. With the support of go2hr, this group of 16 volunteer members was formed, with each member having a unique perspective and position within BC’s Tourism and Hospitality industry. Considerations were also made to ensure regional representation as well as Aboriginal and Labour interests. BC’s tourism and hospitality industry comprises five major sectors – Food & Beverage Services, Recreation & Entertainment, Accommodation Services, Transportation, and Travel Services. The sector is a priority for ITA with an estimated 101,000 new job openings in the tourism and hospitality industry by 2020. Nearly half (44,200) will be due to growth; and over half (57,210) will be due to replacement needs (e.g. retirements).
The approved members of the Tourism and Hospitality Sector Advisory Group includes:
  1. Bernard Casavant, President of Okanagan Chef's Association, Culinary Arts Manager, Okanagan College
  2. Bruce Jackson, Labour United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 247
  3. Alfred Voss, Retail Baker
  4. Dennis Green, Industry Association Director, Industry Workforce Development, go2hr
  5. Heidi Romich, Restaurant Owner, The Heid Out
  6. Jack Kuyer, Bakery Owner, Valley Bakery
  7. James Kennedy, Corporate Training Chef, White Spot
  8. Jason Forbes, Vice President of Operations, Viaggio Hospitality Group
  9. Owen Bird, Executive Director, Sport Fishing Institute of BC
  10. Takashi Ito, Executive Chef, Inn at Laurel Point
  11. Corey Jessup, General Manager, Sandman Hotel Penticton
  12. Tim Ellison, Director of Food & Beverage, Vancouver Club
  13. Karen Bauckham, Whistler & Blackomb
  14. Shirley Lang, Executive Chef, Kitchens of Distinction
  15. Jason Chan, Director and Exeutive Officer, Lysias Enterprises (Canada) Ltd. 
  16. David Chung – President, BC Asian Restaurant Café Owners Association
The Tourism & Hospitality Sector Advisory Group is one of ten Sector Advisory Groups that are being established to advise Government and ITA on industry – specifically, issues key to skills training in the province (see Terms of Reference and application process