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The Mining Association of British Columbia led the consultation and recruitment of members of the Sector Advisory Group. This group includes mining professionals with a history of championing and employing tradespeople, with representation from small-, medium- and large-sized organizations across key mining industries and all stages of the industrial activity cycle—exploration, extraction, development, processing, reclamation—as well as members from the Aboriginal community. 

Despite facing challenging times in 2014, the mining industry in BC continues to be a major driver of the provincial economy. In 2013, gross revenues for operating mines were $8.5 billion, and 10,720 individuals were directly employed by the sector, with trades jobs accounting for approximately 15 per cent of the workforce. The mining industry is one of the largest private sector employers of Aboriginal People in BC, with Aboriginal participation being of particular importance given the proximity of many mining projects to First Nation communities.

The members of the Mining Sector Advisory Group include:

  1. Bryan Cox, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Mining Association of BC
  2. Glen Wonders, VP, Technical & Government Affairs, Association for Mineral Exploration BC
  3. Tyler Thompson, Maintenance Supervisor, New Gold Inc. – New Afton
  4. Randy Gatzka, Staff Representative, United Steelworkers of Canada
  5. Larry Richardson, Director of Training, Christian Labour Association of Canada
  6. Dave Bjarnson, Member Representative (Consultant), International Union of Operating Engineers
  7. Martha Manual, First Nations Liaison, New Gold Inc. – New Afton
  8. Mona Forster, Executive Vice President, Entrée Gold Inc.
  9. Dave Bazowski, Chair, B.C. HR Task Force – Exploration, Mining, Stone, Sand & Gravel
  10. Dave Lefebure, Chair, B.C. Centre of Training Excellence in Mining