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Best Practices Guides

Leveling the field

Many employers, when asked about the benefits of employing women in the trades, note that it doesn’t matter who they hire as long as they are qualified and have a good work ethic. They believe men and women are equally able to complete most tasks in the trades, and recognize that each may bring unique strengths. Our Best Practices Guide will help you to create a work environment to get the most out of all of your employees!


Doing it Right

Aboriginal employment agencies, First Nations, post-secondary schools, industry and trade unions have designed programs and services to attract and retain Aboriginal people into the trades with the support of ITA Aboriginal Initiatives, the LMA program funds, along with contributions from other funding sources and partners.

This guide shares the lessons learned by these organizations in how to design a program that will assist Aboriginal people with finding the trade that works for them and succeed in becoming a registered tradesperson.