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Immigrants in Trades

Trades training programs for immigrants


Meet Alfred, 53. After working in the printing trade for more than 15 years, Alfred needed to train for a new career. With help from the ITA Immigrants in Trades Training initiative, he is now working for one of Vancouver's top roofing companies. More...

Meet Andriy, 34. Andriy was a certified marine electrician in his native Ukraine, spending over 11 years at sea. The initiative helped him get his experience and training recognized by Canadian standards. More...

Meet Jatinder, 29. With poor English skills and no connections, Jatinder couldn't find work that paid well in BC, even with a university degree. The initiative helped him to train for a new career as an electrician. More...

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There are excellent opportunities for immigrants who want to build a career in the trades. Certified trades people are in high demand. The trades can offer well-paid work where your skills are highly valued. Trades people work in every corner of British Columbia, inside and outdoors, in industries as varied as aerospace, homebuilding, horticulture, automotive servicing and more. Training is available in nearly 100 trades in BC

Two easy steps to enrol in the program:

  1. See if you meet the Eligibility Requirements 
  2. If you do, contact our helpful Service Providers to find a program that suits you

ITA's Immigrants in Trades Training (ITT) initiative is designed to help immigrants overcome specific financial cultural and other challenges to establishing a trades career.

ITA's Immigrants in Trades Training initiative is funded through Canada-British Columbia Job Fund Agreement (CJF) and delivered through partnerships with service providers, including colleges, non-profits, unions, and industry associations.

Employers: Learn more about why it pays to hire a skilled immigrant.

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